Growing human rights violations caused by over-tourism

Tourism concern 22 de junio de 2017
The International Tribunal on Evictions (ITE) is a peoples’ and opinion tribunal established in 2011 by the International Alliance of Inhabitants and civil society organisations for the World Zero Evictions Days to practically and interactively put forced evictions from around the world in the dock.

International Tribunal on Evictions – Session on Tourism (Venice, 28-30 September 2017)

Is your home threatened with destruction because developers want to build a hotel?
Do they want to clear your community, your neighbourhood, and your land for a resort, a golf course, a stadium, a port, or an airport for tourism?
Are you and your community threatened by the precariousness of rental contracts resulting from AirBnB?
The tourism development is attacking your rights where you have chosen to live in peace and dignity!

Today, forced evictions threaten more than 70 million people worldwide. The International Tribunal on Evictions (ITE) launches an international Call to identify concrete cases of evictions and displacement from housing and land for its next Session (Venice, 28-30 September 2017) to open the World Zero Evictions Days, specifically looking at cases resulting from tourism development since this is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

A Jury, formed by representatives of civil society, international organizations and academics involved in the defence and respect of human rights, will select the cases, evaluate the claims in light of all international legal instruments related to the enforcement of the economic, social and cultural rights, especially the right to housing and land security.

At the Session of Venice, the ITE will publicly examine the selected cases, issue judgments and make formal Recommendations to the various stakeholders, including the United Nations, the Governments, the economic and institutional actors responsible for the evictions, and to civic organizations helping them enforce their demands.

Those Recommendations will be monitored on regular basis by the ITE together with local organisations and implemented by the local/global mobilisation of the inhabitants and their allies.


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